Our Work to Date, Finances and Next Steps

Our work to date

Wicklow Hospice Foundation was set up in 2009 to provide the hospice and improved palliative care services for the people of Wicklow. Since then great steps have been taken by the voluntary efforts of many people:

Our Finances

The full capital cost of the new hospice is estimated at €7.5m, including site preparation, construction and all professional and other fees.

To date (mid 2017) €3.5m has been raised by the Foundation through the dedicated efforts of volunteers and the generosity of many people in Wicklow and beyond.

We have commitments of a further €0.64m from generous donors, which will be available as the building proceeds, and approval for a bank loan of €2.25m.

We will raise the balance of about €1m, between the capital cost and what we have sourced to date, over the next two years as the building work proceeds.

Since 2009, a total of less than €0.4m has been spent by the Foundation, of which €300,000 has been expended on professional and planning fees for the new building, and less than €100,000 (check) on all other expenses of fundraising and the one staff member who is employed.

Our annual report and financial statements for the most recent financial year are at this link.

Next Steps

We are now (Summer 2017) finalising all drawings and tender documents with a view to inviting tenders for the construction and related works. The aim is to have contracts placed by the early Autumn and to break ground before the end of 2017.

Construction and fit out is likely to take close to two years in total, allowing us to open the hospice and care for patients in 2019.